Sigma has finally released its 18–50mm F2.8 DC DN lens for Fujifilm X-Mount mirrorless users. Previously, this lens was already available in the market for full frame cameras, Sony E-Mount and L-Mount for Leica, Sigma and Panasonic cameras.

The Sigma 18–50mm F2.8 DC DN features

The Sigma 18–50mm F2.8 DC DN with X-Mount, E-mount and L-Mount comes with the same lens optical formula. This lens adopts a lens design of 13 elements in 10 groups. This includes three aspherical lens elements and one Super Low Dispersion (SLD) lens element.

On the Fujifilm X-Mount camera , which uses an APS-C sensor, the focal distance will be equivalent to a 27-75mm lens. Focal range that is classified as flexible for various needs. Can be used for landscape to portrait photos. Not only that, the 18–50mm F2.8 DC DN lens can also be relied upon to replace standard camera-built zoom lenses that are common in the 18-55mm, 16-50mm and 15-45mm focal ranges.

Overall the dimensions are very compact. The body length is 77mm. It weighs about 285 grams. Very space-saving and easy to travel with. In addition, the design has also added a rubber seal to make it more weather resistant.

This lens has also been optimized for Fujifilm mirrorless cameras with an autofocus algorithm that will support Fujifilm’s fast autofocus performance. Including, AF-C (Continuous AF) support and aberration correction directly in the camera.

Price and availability

The Sigma 18–50mm F2.8 DC DN is planned to be available in December 2022 at a price of US$549.


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