Folding device batteries are no longer as wasteful as they used to be. Despite having two screens in one device that makes higher power consumption, Samsung through its newest product duo, Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Flip4 5G, has been able to deliver better durability.

In terms of the chipset, Samsung says that the power efficiency of Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 is 30 percent better than the previous generation. Especially for the Galaxy Flip4 5G, the battery capacity has also increased to 3,700 mAh.

Even more interesting, Samsung did not forget to share some tips and tricks that users can do to maximize the battery life of the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Z Flip4 5G. Curious? Come on, just take a look!

Activate Power Saving mode

When the battery is running low but you can’t charge it, immediately activate Power Saving mode. This mode will turn off functions such as Always On Display, reduce CPU speed and screen brightness, to limit various background apps that run unnoticed, so device performance is more optimal in saving battery.

Here’s how to enable Power Saving mode:

  1. Open the quick settings panel by swiping from the top of the screen. Tap the Power Saving icon. Make sure the blue icon indicates the function is active.
  2. You can also hold the icon to set the power saving as you wish

Disable unused features

For those of you who are mobile users and rarely have the opportunity to charge, some features can be turned off such as Auto Sync, Nearby Device Scanning, and Location.

Sleep” apps that consume a lot of battery power

Applications that “sleep” will temporarily stop updates and notifications and only run in the background at certain times. That way, the performance of the smartphone can be lighter so that the battery becomes more efficient.

Here’s how to change the app’s state to “sleep”:

  1. Open Settings. Select Battery and device care. Then select Battery.
  2. Select Background usage limits.
  3. For automatic settings, enable the “Put unused apps to sleep” toggle.
  4. For manual settings, add apps in Sleeping apps and Deep sleeping apps.

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