The Olike HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro. Both are versatile smart machines created to cut both scratch-resistant and “garskin” bodies. The device is compatible with more than 19,000 types of all brands and types of today’s gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches, TWS, cameras, to vapes or pods, and with various types of films as well.

The Olike HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro products can be the answer to the need for a casing and anti-scratch. Using a smart system that is perfectly integrated in the control panel screen to operate this machine. Not only through the control panel, users can also use the C Plotter application which is already available on the App Store and Playstore, and can operate this machine only through the smartphone’s bluetooth connectivity.

The machine has a cutting accuracy of up to 0.05 millimeters. The only difference between these two products is the availability of a control panel on the HM18 Pro so that it can be operated directly or through an application, and on the HM47 Pro there is no control panel, which means it can only be operated via a smartphone application. Both machines also have an intelligent voice assistant that allows for voice control and also alerts if the placement of the film is less than perfect.

This HM18 series also has a 15% larger cutting area than the previous machine, thus making the cutting results more varied for various gadgets.

Olike also provides more than 100 film patterns that come with different functions, materials, and designs, so you can choose according to your individual personality. According to Anthoni, it is easier to mention the various types of anti-scratch and also a back protector . Later the pattern will be cut according to the user’s wishes.

Consumers can freely choose the type of anti-scratch and back protector they want, the types of anti-scratch that can be chosen include Pro soft glass, Flexible explosion proof, flexible anti-blue light, flexible matte and others. The price is also very affordable, each with anti-scratch and back protectors ranging from US $3 to US $13 for large gadgets .

The screen protector itself is a flexible film made of TPU which is different from ordinary tempered glass or anti-scratch. TPU is a plastic material that is more elastic than solid tempered glass. The advantage of TPU compared to tempered glass is that TPU can be bent, making it possible for foldable cellphones and can also cover the entire device screen area because TPU is very elastic.

In terms of lighting, TPU is also more visually clear because the material is thinner so it doesn’t reduce the visual performance of the gadget, and the touch on TPU material is much smoother than tempered glass. The back protector itself, Olike also provides many design options, which use a PVC design with excellent durability, light weight, heat resistance, and can be shaped elastically according to the shape of the gadget .


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