Accompanying the presence of a7C II Sony also announced the first camera a7CR . This camera is Sony’s most compact mirrorless with a 61 megapixel full frame sensor.

Sony a7CR specifications

The difference between the a7C II and a7CR is in the specifications sector. The design is the same. The a7CR is a more compact version of Sony’s flagship a7R mirrorless series. The a7CR even uses the same sensors and processor as the a7R V. So, the compact body and high resolution full frame sensor are the main selling points of this camera.

Overall the a7CR body volume is 53% more compact compared to the a7R V. The weight is also 29% lighter. The a7CR weighs only 515 grams, including memory card and battery.

This camera uses a full frame back-illuminated Exmor R sensor with a resolution of 61 megapixels and is supported by a Bionz XR processor.

On paper, with the same sensor and processor, the image quality of the a7CR will be the same as the a7R V. However, for the ability to shoot without stopping or continuous shooting, the a7CR is slightly slower than the a7R V. The a7V can shoot non-stop at speeds of up to 10 fps. Meanwhile, the a7CR only shoots 8 fps in mechanical shutter mode and up to 7 fps in electronic mode.

The video mode is also different. a7R V can record video up to 8K resolution. For videographic capabilities, the a7CR can record video up to 4K 60p resolution. Or, you can record at 4K 30p resolution in the Super35 oversampling format from 6.2K resolution. Compromises that need to be understood due to a more compact and lighter body design.

The video mode also supports S-Log3, S-Cinetone, S-gamut3.Cine features and recording in 10-bit 4:2:2 format. For more dramatic shooting, video recording support is available up to Full HD 120p resolution. Taking more stable images is also possible via the 5-axis stabilizer feature directly on the body.

Switching to the autofocus sector, the a7CR is supported by the same autofocus performance as the a7R V. Supported by an AI Processing Unit chip with artificial intelligence, the autofocus system is very smart, fast and precise. Like the a7R V, this camera supports 693 autofocus points which cover 79% of the image area.

Price of Sony a7CR

The a7CR is sold at prices starting from US$2999 for body only. There are two color choices, namely black and grey.

First impression

the a7CR is not completely like the a7R V in terms of features and performance. At least, this camera is very attractive while still offering the image quality and advanced autofocus technology of the a7R V at a price that is US$900 cheaper.


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