AirPeak drone from Sony gets new accessories. Three accessories have been announced, namely gimbals, RTK (Real Time Kinematic) kits and batteries.

Gremsy Gimbal PX1

The first product is the Gremsy Gimbal PX1 camera gimbal . The difference with the T3 gimbal in the previous AirPeak Drone is in weight. Gremsy Gimbal PX1 is claimed to be very light. This drone is 40% lighter. The design is also specific to AirPeak drones. That way, it can support better shooting. Even in extreme conditions.

The gimbal is compatible with all Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras and a wide range of Sony lenses. These include the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, 24mm f/2.8G, 40mm f/2.5 G, and 50mm f/2.5 G.

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Kit

This RTK Kit is designed for industrial needs. With the addition of the RTK Kit, AirPeak drones can offer more precise positioning and navigation capabilities without lag. So, it is ideal for inspection needs using drones in various industries.

According to Sony, its RTK system uses a base station that receives signals from Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellites. Then, the signal will be captured by the receiver module installed on AirPeak. In this way, AirPeak can fly very accurately and precisely.

Apart from that, thanks to the addition of the RTK Kit, AirPeak will become a tough competitor to DJI’s Inspire 3 , which is DJI’s first drone with RTK features.

LBP-HM1 battery

The last accessory is the LBP-HM1 battery. This battery is an updated version of the standard AirPeak battery with a larger capacity. Using the LBP-HM1 battery, AirPeak can now fly for up to 20 minutes with the PX1 gimbal and Alpha 7R camera attached with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens. If the camera and lens are not loaded, the flight time can be up to 30 minutes.

Price and availability

These three accessories will be available in the near future. The Gremsy Gimbal PX1 is planned to be available in May 2023 at a price of US$4000. RTK Kit in June for US$4000. For the LBP-HM1 battery also in June at a price of US $400.


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