Sony has finally officially announced Project Q, a handheld console that can be used to  stream games from the PlayStation 5. Unlike the Steam Deck or ROG Ally , Project Q is not a memory-based console or cloud gaming,  but only provides access to playing  PlayStation 5 games  that are is on.

This feature is included in the PS Remote Play environment , which can connect various devices to the PlayStation system. So to play a game,  users must first own and download the game  on their PlayStation 5 console.

Project Q has an 8-inch LCD screen with 1080p resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate . The model resembles a DualSense controller , but with the screen centered. For the rest, all the buttons and features of the PS5 controller are still the same. To access the touchpad , the screen will be integrated with the touch screen feature.

When this announcement was made at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 , Sony had not disclosed what price would be set for this Project Q. But what is certain, this handheld  console product will certainly be on the market starting this year.

Not only consoles, Sony also announced wireless earbuds which are claimed to be developed directly using their new wireless  technology, which ensures lossless  and  low latency audio quality.

Like other audio products, these earbuds  can later be connected to various devices, such as PlayStationsmartphones and PCs, because they use a Bluetooth connection. And just like Project Q, Sony doesn’t provide much detail about this one audio product. In terms of design,  these earbuds  look premium because they have accents, colors and models from the PlayStation 5.

This official announcement from Sony confirms the rumors that had been circulating some time ago. While handheld consoles have started popping up a lot in recent years, many have found Sony’s game streaming  move to be less appealing, when compared to Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

Even so, it is possible that Sony might compete in the future, because the company that created the PlayStation is one of the biggest players in this industry.


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