To support video recording Sony launched the ECM-B10 microphone . This latest shotgun microphone puts forward a compact design that is free of cables and crystal clear sound recording quality from all directions.

Features of Sony ECM-B10

The Sony ECM-B10 is an improved version of the previous microphone ECM-B1M. The compact design is maintained. According to Sony, the ECM-B10 comes with four capsule microphones that can capture sound from all directions with beamforming technology. To capture sound the ECM-B10 provides three setting options.

Among them Super-directional which is useful for capturing sound sources from the front. Ideal for creating one-person interview content. The second option is Unidirectional. In this option, the sound capture can be wider by minimizing background noise. Perfect for capturing audio from a group of people. Lastly is Omnidirectional. This option microphone will pick up a balanced sound from all directions. So, it can be relied on to capture sound from the surrounding environment. Microphone sensitivity level setting is also available.

In addition, Sony has equipped the ECM-B10 with DSP or Digital Signal Processing. This feature is useful for suppressing noise or sound interference. That way the sound recording is definitely clearer and can cut the workflow during the video editing process.

Other features Sony ECM-B10 adopts a design that is anti-vibration and shock. This microphone is also very practical with a cable-free design. For compatibility the ECM-B10 can be used with Sony mirrorless cameras with a Digital Multi-Interface Shoe. Can also be used to other cameras via analog connection.

Sony ECM-B10 price

The Sony ECM-B10 will be available on the market in August 2022. The price of the Sony ECM-B10 is US$250.


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