After announcing the presence of the ECM-G1 microphone shotgun . This microphone shotgun boasts compact dimensions. Just like the ECM-B10 which was launched some time ago.

Sony ECM-G1 . Features

Sony ECM-G1 comes with dimensions of 28mm x 50.8mm x 48.5mm. It weighs only 34 grams. The most compact and lightest among Sony shotgun microphones. This makes it ideal for attaching to compact camera systems. Like for example the Sony ZV-1 pocket camera or the mirrorless Sony Alpha ZV-E10.

Sony ECM-G1 carries a microphone capsule measuring 14.6 mm with a super cardioid microphone character. This means that this microphone will focus on capturing the sound in front of the camera. Meanwhile, noise or noise from the surrounding environment will be kept to a minimum. It is suitable for creating vlogging content.

Another advantage offered by the Sony ECM-G1 is its very practical design. Rely on the MI Shoe this microphone requires no cables to connect to a Sony camera. In addition, the Sony ECM-G1 also does not require a battery. So, no need to bother to recharge the battery or worry about the battery running out during use.

In addition, the Sony ECM-G1 is equipped with a mic out port. That way it can be used on other devices such as smartphones, laptops and cameras that don’t support MI Shoe.

Sony ECM-G1 price

The Sony ECM-G1 will be available in August 2022. The price of the Sony ECM-G1 is US $150.


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