Sony announced the presence of Float Run . This unique headphone carries an off-ear design specifically designed for running lovers.

Features of Sony Float Run

This isn’t the first time Sony has released a unique wearable audio product. Previously, TWS  LinkBuds came with a driver ring design that had never been seen on any TWS.

The design of the off-ear Float Run is similar to headphones that carry bone conduction technology . So, the speaker module doesn’t fit into the ear canal. Its weight of only 33 grams is also very light.

With an off-ear design, it means that the ears will not be under pressure. So, it will be more comfortable to use in the long term. Equipped with a flexible Float Run neckband that won’t come off easily either. Even if you move around a lot or use accessories like glasses and hats.

To produce Float Run sound, bring a 16mm driver. Considering that the speaker module does not enter the ear canal, it is still possible for the user to hear sounds from the surrounding environment. So, it will be safer to use when exercising outdoors.

Specially designed for sports these headphones are also water resistant with an IPX4 rating. Battery life is pretty decent. It lasts up to 10 hours and supports charging via USB-C.

Price for Sony Float Run

Float Run will be available on the market in February 2023. The price for the Sony Float Run is US$129.99.


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