The Sony FX3 is a compact cinema camera that sports a full frame sensor. Now, the successor has been officially announced, the FX30 . Then what’s the difference?

Sony FX30 . Features

The FX30 and FX3 appear very identical. The main difference is in the sensor. The FX30 carries an APS-C BSI CMOS sensor with a resolution of 26 megapixels. With this sensor, the FX30 is capable of recording 4K video (from 6K resolution) at 60p and 4K/120p with a crop factor of up to 1.62x.

Video capture is supported in H.265 or H.264 AVC 10-bit 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 format. In addition, it can also record 16-bit RAW video with the help of an external Atomos Ninja V+ recording device.

To make video recording smoother, this camera has a 5-axis stabilization feature. Its stabilization capability can be up to 5.5 stops. When paired with certain E-Mount lenses, users can also enjoy the Breathing Compensation feature. This feature can optimize video stabilization through the editing process using the Catalyst Production Suite software.

Other features The FX30 supports the Cine EI (Exposure Index) feature for shooting with Logs, can use LUTs as profiles for color adjustments directly from the camera, and supports all of Sony’s autofocus capabilities such as Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking.

Price and availability

This camera is planned to be available on the market in October 2022. The price of the Sony FX30 is US $ 1799 for the body only. With this selling price, the FX30 is now the cheapest Sony cinema camera in the Cinema Line line.


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