Sony introduced three new lenses for APS-C cameras, namely the GE PZ 10-20mm F4 G power zoom lens (model SELP1020G), the versatile G lens E 15mm F1.4 G (model SEL15F14G), and introduced the ultra-wide prime E 11mm F1. 8 (model SEL11F18).

The first new lens, the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G is the world’s lightest and smallest ultra-wide angle constant power F4 APS-C lens that has a focal length of 10-20mm at APS-C or 15-30mm in the 35mm equivalent focal length. . Outstanding G Lens imaging, excellent autofocus (AF) performance and versatile zoom power combine in a compact zoom lens that remains constant throughout the zoom range, offering more expressive visuals and enhanced operability for both video and photos. Therefore, this lens is perfect for travel, landscape and event documentation; because of its versatility.

The E 15mm F1.4 G , 35mm full-frame equivalent: 22.5 mm, delivers beautiful F1.4 bokeh and incredible G Lens resolution in a versatile APS-C lens with wide creative potential. This compact and lightweight prime provides dynamic imaging, outstanding AF and control, and is great for high-performance video and still photos. This lens is suitable for creative creators in producing cinematic results with Beautiful bokeh.

With its large aperture, the ultra-wide APS-C prime, the E 11mm F1.8 , the equivalent of a 16.5mm lens in a 35mm full-frame camera, delivers outstanding corner-to-corner resolution, beautiful bokeh, and fast and accurate AF. reliable for dramatic expression and stunning selfies against a wide background. This lens is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for vloggers to shoot video on the go.

Koji Sekiguchi as President Director of PT Sony Indonesia said, “These three new lenses are fantastic individually. Years of experience and extensive lens design know-how have combined in the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G to produce an outstanding G power zoom lens that delivers outstanding performance and operability. With beautiful bokeh and outstanding autofocus capabilities, the E 15mm F1.4 G truly delivers outstanding results for photo and video creators while being a compact and lightweight lens for easy handling. The E 11mm F1.8 also delivers high image resolution and is lightweight to carry around, making it perfect for vlogging.”

Pricing & Availability

The three latest Sony lenses will be available in June 2022 at a price of USD $742 for the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G and E 15mm F1.4 G Lenses. While the E 11mm F1.8 can be obtained at a price of USD $513.


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