The Sony ZV-Series is a line of cameras focused on vlogging. Success with the ZV-1 and ZV-E10 Sony introduces the ZV-1F . This latest camera is sold at the cheapest price in the ZV-Series line.

Fitur Sony ZV-1F

Targeting the entry class segment, this camera is designed as easy as possible to use. In fact, the ZV-1F can be used as a webcam for live broadcasts.

This pocket camera relies on a 1-inch Exmor RS sensor with a resolution of 20.1 megapixels. Right in front of the sensor is a 20mm wide-angle lens with an F/2.0 aperture. For its video recording capabilities, the ZV-1F can produce videos up to 4K resolution at 30fps. More than enough to create a variety of video content.

Sold at a low price, there are two compromises in this camera. First in the autofocus sector. The ZV-1F relies on a contrast-based focus system. It ‘s not phase detection that can offer faster autofocus tracking capabilities. However, according to Sony claims, the ZV-1F autofocus system with its wide-angle lens can still be relied on for shooting.

The second compromise is in the stabilizer feature. ZV-1F is not equipped with a 5-axis stabilizer feature. To stabilize shooting, the stabilization capability only relies on the electronic stabilizer feature.

However, in the ZV-1 users can find some interesting features in its class. For example, a flexible touch screen that can be folded and rotated, a simple interface adopted from Sony phones, 5x and 60x hyperlapse slow motion features, 10 creative filter options, and a digital zoom feature of up to 4x. Not to forget, this camera also has three integrated microphones that can capture sound from all directions.

Price and availability

The plan is that the ZV-1F will be available starting in October 2022. The price of the Sony ZV-1F is US $500.


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