Waterproof casing for cameras is not new. However, the Sub13 is the first waterproof case created for the Leica M rangefinder.

Sub13 specification

As a pair of Leica cameras that cost hundreds of millions of Rupiah, the Sub13 design cannot be arbitrary. It’s not just about endurance. But, the overall design must also be in line with the traditions and characteristics of Leica. Starting from the material to the attention to detail. So, this case can be part of the whole Leica camera. Not just an additional accessory.

The Sub13 prototype was also designed by DOER Marine, led by Dr. Sylvia Earle, who is famous for her submarines. The entire case is made from a single block of aluminum which is cut with the utmost precision by a CNC machine.

Meanwhile, the baseplate and screws come with gold-coated titanium material. The Sub13 is also equipped with high-quality optics so as not to detract from the image quality of the Leica camera. For durability, Sub13 can be invited to dive to a depth of 100 meters.

Price Sub13

Like a Leica camera, the price of the Sub13 isn’t cheap either. To bring home this waterproof case, you must prepare funds starting from US $ 6950 or around 104 million Rupiah. Availability is also very limited. As the name implies, Sub13 will only be available in a limited number of 13 units for the Leica M and Q cameras.

First impression

This waterproof case is indeed very expensive and unusual. But, for now the Sub13 is the only solution for those of you who are curious to dive with a Leica rangefinder camera.


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