Sports smart watches usually come with a sporty design. The dimensions are also relatively large. However, Suunto 9 Peak has managed to raise the bar for a sports-specific smartwatch with its extremely thin and light body design.

Suunto 9 Peak features

According to Suunto, this smart watch adopts a more minimalist and elegant Scandinavian style. The body design with a diameter of 43mm carries a choice of two materials, namely titanium grade 5 or stainless steel. The design is also tough and can be invited to dive up to 100 meters deep.

The screen part comes with a transflective LCD panel measuring 1.2 inches that does not reflect shadows. So, it is ideal for outdoor use. This screen has been reinforced with a layer of sapphire crystal as a protection.

One thing that is interesting about this body design is that it is very light. The titanium model weighs only 52 grams and the stainless steel model weighs 62 grams. The thinnest and lightest among the sports smartwatches. So, it will be very comfortable to use for sports or adventure for a long time.

Moreover, the battery life is also very long. With GPS the battery can last up to 170 hours. Above average other smart watches in its class. The battery also supports the fast recharge feature. In just one hour the battery can be fully charged 100%.

As a sports smartwatch, Suunto 9 Peak’s other features include the SpO2 sensor, heart rate sensor and 80 sport modes. Also present is support for applications on smartphones that can be used to monitor sports developments to navigation.

Suunto 9 Peak Price

Suunto 9 Peak costs US $ 699 for the titanium model. The standard model with a stainless steel body costs US $569. This smart watch will be available on the market in June 2021.


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