Air quality at home is increasingly recognized as an important element in a healthy lifestyle. One of the solutions offered is to use an air purifier which is more affordable. One of them is the Techlife Air Purifier Pro realm, which is sold in the price range of 1 million rupiah.

This air purifying device is included in the IoT or Internet of Things product range from realme. This means that Air Purifier Pro will be able to connect to the Internet network. All you have to do is download a free application, namely realme Link to control some of its functions.

Easy-to-use Air Purifier

However, this is not mandatory, considering that the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm is equipped with a screen and control buttons on the unit. At the top, you can set the fan speed level, the timer for when the Air Purifier turns on and off automatically, and of course turns off the power. There’s even a button lock function to keep it safe from the reach of pranksters.

To monitor air quality, there is a screen on the front. Here you will be able to see the connection status and the air quality present in the room. Air quality indicators displayed in PM2.5 units, to show the amount of pollutants in the air. If the level is below 12 mu gram/m 3 , then the air quality is considered good. If it is above 35 mu gram/m 3 , then the air quality will be classified as unhealthy for humans to breathe. Some of the health hazards that threaten if the air quality is not good include bronchitis, decreased lung function and triggers symptoms in people with asthma.

For the filter type, the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm uses a HEPA H12 filter which is capable of filtering many tiny elements such as hair, pollen, dust and particles with a very small diameter of 0.3 microns. Even though it doesn’t use a smoke filter specifically, this tool can also filter cigarette smoke on a small scale. In addition, there are also ultraviolet C rays that can kill bacteria and viruses in the room. This is an impressive thing for an air filter in the price class of 1 million rupiah.

Even though realme claims this air filter can be used for a room of 50 square meters, we were only able to test it in an office space of 40 square meters. From experience, we think this tool will be more effective in smaller rooms such as living rooms or rooms with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters. But if you set it to the maximum fan speed which is a bit noisy, this tool can also be used in larger rooms. While using it, the air in the office feels fresher and easier to breathe with a stable PM2.5 indicator at 20 mu gram/m 3 . Increase the fan speed and the figure immediately drops to 4 mu gram/m 3.

From a design standpoint, the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm prioritizes practicality. Opening the cover of the filter holder and changing the filter can be done quickly and without the help of special tools. It’s just that the grille where the wind blows is a bit too big so it will need to be cleaned quite often to keep the Air Purifier’s performance at its best.

realme TechLife Air Purifier Pro is an attractive offer for those of you who need clean air from harmful particles in your home. Even though the price is quite affordable, this tool has quite complete features. It would be even more perfect if Realme offered a more complete filter, such as a special smoke filter. But for home users with small rooms, the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm will be more than adequate to deliver clean air.

You can buy the newest Air purifier from this realm through at a price of USD $97,99.

The advantages of the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm

+ There are function keys that are easy to use

+ The choice of fan speed is quite complete

+ There is a timer function

+ There is an air quality indicator screen

+ Can be connected to the Internet and controlled through the application

+ Concise design and easy to open and close

+ Low price for this complete feature

Disadvantages of the TechLife Air Purifier Pro realm

– HEPA limited filter selection only

– Large wind gusts grille so it gets dirty easily

– Only suitable in rooms that are not too big


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