Leading technology company Tesla, officially introduced a wireless charging mat globally. This charging mat can be used to charge up to three devices at once in 15 Watt fast charging mode.

The wireless charging mat from Tesla was developed by a company called Aira. This company has been established since 2017 and has managed to raise funds reaching US $16 million until now. The funds were obtained from ‘angel investors’ and several private investors, which were then used for research and development of consumer products.

The appearance of the charging mat itself is inspired by the Cybertruck using an aluminum casing. Built on a charging platform called FreePower from Aira. This rug is relatively large in size, so it can fit three smartphones at once. It can also be used to charge TWS devices and other wireless electronics.

It is planned that the new wireless charging mat will begin shipping worldwide starting in February 2023. The price is set at US$300. Relatively expensive to just buy a wireless charger.

Tesla Inspired Apple AirPower Charging Mat?

The presence of a wireless charging mat from Tesla reminds us of similar products from Apple. Yes, Apple introduced the AirPower Charging Mat in 2017 at the same time as the iPhone X and iPhone 8, before canceling its release in 2019.

The cancellation of the release of AirPower was based on the condition of the product which had not reached the highest standards that the company wanted.

Hopefully,  the charging mat developed by Aira has reached a higher level of refinement compared to AirPower. Moreover, the ability of the carpet is claimed to be able to detect devices placed on its entire surface. So that the user does not need to set a certain position so that the device can charge optimally.

The Tesla wireless charging mat comes with the integration of a USB-C cable and a 65 Watt USB-C adapter.


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