As the world’s leading smart device manufacturer and innovator, OPPO has always produced technological breakthroughs that benefit its users. One of them is VOOC, a high-speed charging feature that we often find in various series of OPPO phones.

VOOC was once a mainstay feature of OPPO’s flagship smartphone. But over time, VOOC has become available on phones that are more affordable, for example A76, to IoT devices, namely OPPO Watch Free. For the flagship series that always prioritizes the latest features, OPPO has embedded new, more sophisticated VOOC technology.

What you need to know, VOOC is OPPO’s own technology. The development is not kidding and has been in the works for a long time. Come on, let’s explore what the history of VOOC development looks like.

A brief history of VOOC

VOOC or Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging was developed in 2012 by an OPPO engineer named Jeff Zhang. Two years later, aka 2014, this technology was officially introduced.

However, what is the reason Zhang wants to design VOOC technology when other fast charging features are already available? Launching from the official OPPO website , Zhang identified that charging with high voltage has limitations.

Unlike other fast charging technologies that push the voltage limit for more power, Zhang tries a different approach, prioritizing high current over high voltage. The goal is to bring fast charging technology that is safer, more efficient, and certainly convenient to use.

Through VOOC, Zhang succeeded in creating fast charging technology that charges smartly and safely, without worrying about overheating. Until now, VOOC has not only been developed and patented for OPPO users, but its ecosystem is also used by corporate partners with more than 23 companies involved.

VOOC Development

The first smartphone that is supported by VOOC technology is the OPPO Find 7. Launched in March 2014, this device is able to provide battery charging capabilities 4 times faster than standard chargers. At that time, the technology offered by VOOC was quite sophisticated. A 5-minute charge allows up to 2 hours of phone calls, while a 30-minute charge can charge up to 75 percent.


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