Not all PC systems can run Windows 11 . This limitation became the idea for the release of Tiny11 by a developer named NTDEV.

Features of Tiny11

Since Windows 11 was released, it has left disappointment for users of PC systems with old specifications. This is because Window 11 requires minimum specifications of at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space and must support the TPM 2.0 security system.

Tiny11 removes all those limitations. This means that Tiny11 can now be a solution for PC systems that are not compatible with Windows 11. Most interestingly, this operating system can even run smoothly on PC systems with only 2GB of RAM. You can also run it without needing a Microsoft account.

According to NTDEV, Tiny11 builds on Windows 11 Pro version 22H2. The difference is, so that it can run on older PC systems, some features are removed. For example in Tiny11 all Windows system files are compressed to save space. Some of the bloatware or pre-installed applications that come with Windows 11 are also removed. Windows default applications that are maintained only accessibility features, calculator, camera, Snipping Tool, Windows Terminal and PowerShell. System requirements are also removed so that they are compatible with PC systems that do not support TPM 2.0 or that only have 4GB of RAM.

As a result of trimming these features, this operating system will only take up 8GB of your storage space. Standard Windows 11 takes up 20GB. So, you could say Tiny11 is the lite or frugal version of Windows 11.

For the record, considering that Tiny11 is not an official released operating system from Microsoft there will be no Windows Update updates here. Even so in the future NTDEV will release a Tiny11 update following the development of the Windows 11 operating system update.

Availability Tiny11

Tiny11 is now available and can be downloaded for free via the following site . Good luck!


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