The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is here in Indonesia by promoting a flagship class photography experience at an affordable price. Armed with a series of technologies that are usually only found in more expensive series, this smartphone has the advantage of producing cool photos in various conditions. One of them is a portrait photo that uses a human subject.

For those who like to take portrait photos , we have tested the Galaxy A54 5G camera configuration and have proven capable of creating portrait photos with a natural bokeh effect that is pleasing to the eye.

Tips for portrait photos on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

How to take portrait photos with the Galaxy A54 5G camera is surprisingly easy. Just like most cameras on Android phones, this middle-class cellphone from Samsung is also equipped with a special Portrait mode .

But actually creating photos of interesting people is not only limited to Portrait mode . Follow these tips to produce portrait photos that invite lots of likes on social media!

1. Take advantage of the ultra wide camera

To produce a more unique perspective, you can take advantage of the ultra wide camera from the Galaxy A54 5G. For your information, Samsung has buried a 12 MP f/2.2 sensor with a wide-angle lens to provide a wider capture.

Before shooting, you can first switch to an ultra wide lens. Make sure the pose, subject position, and photo composition are ideal so that the results look proportional.


Don’t place your subject at the far end of the frame as this can potentially cause extreme distortion, unless that’s what you really want.


This ultra wide camera can also give the effect of long legs, especially if it is placed in the foreground or on the front side when composing photos.

2. Portrait mode for selfies

Portrait mode can also be used when taking selfies. With Portrait mode, your selfie photos can stand out even more because your face is the main focus.


What needs to be remembered, don’t forget to set skin smoothness and effect strength not too high so that the end result still looks natural.

3. Get closer to the subject of the photo

You don’t need to hesitate to get closer to the subject of the photo (eg people), because the 50 MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G can capture details well. The All-Pixel AF sensor on the Galaxy A54 5G has been upgraded and is now 56% wider than the previous generation.


With a wider OIS angle, the potential for blurry or blurry images will be much reduced. The size of the image sensor has also increased to 1/1.56 inch.

4. Use Fun mode

Fun mode, which is a collection of snapchat lens filters, can be an alternative for creating different portrait photos. There are tons of funny effects available, it’s just up to you to choose which one best suits your desired shooting scenario.

5. Use Single Take

The Single Take feature on the Galaxy A54 5G camera will take several different compositions from a moment. That way, you won’t miss any exciting moments. The results are quite diverse, ranging from black and white photos, “golden” best shots, photos with filters, boomerang-style videos, slow motion videos, and several variations of photos/videos that are automatically generated.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Those are some simple tips for making portrait photos using the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G camera. For those of you who are interested, the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G can be purchased at a price of USD $402 (8/128 GB) and USD $427,99 (8/256 GB).


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