In 2020, Google launched the Nearby Share feature for Android devices. This feature is useful to make it easier for Android users to share files with each other. The good news is that now the Nearby Share feature is also available for the Windows operating system. Nearby Share for PC will make it easier to send and receive files from a PC system to an Android device or vice versa.

Here’s an easy way to share files from PC to Android devices with Nearby Share

1. Download the Nearby Share for PC application for the Windows operating system from the following Google site .

2. After the installer file has been downloaded, follow the steps to install it to a desktop PC or laptop.

3. Then, log in with your Google account, setup and the application is ready to use.

4. Make sure Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity on desktop PCs, laptops and Android devices are active.

5. To send files from a desktop PC or laptop to an Android smartphone or tablet, you only need to drag and drop the files you want to send to the box at the bottom. Or, click Select Files or Select Folders.

6. After the file is placed in the box, the name of your smartphone or tablet device will appear in the Nearby Devices column.

7. Click on the name of your smartphone or tablet device and the file will be sent immediately in an instant.

8. The sent file can later be found in the Downloads folder on your Android smartphone or tablet.

According to Google, Nearby Share For Windows is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. One thing that makes it special for Android devices is that Nearby Share no longer needs to be downloaded via the Play Store. This feature is immediately available on the Android operating system.

To send files from an Android smartphone or tablet to a PC system, the steps are the same. You only need to select the file you want to send. Then, select the Share option and various compatible applications will appear. Select Nearby Share and the name of your Desktop PC or laptop device will appear. Click on the device name and the file will be sent. The sent files can then be found in the Downloads folder on your PC or laptop desktop.

Good luck!


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