The TWS Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro does have many advantages. Apart from compact dimensions and good audio quality, this TWS is also equipped with a capable microphone.

So, besides being reliable for making calls, it turns out that the Galaxy Buds2 Pro microphone can also be relied upon to create video content using any smartphone. Curious how? Come on, consider the following tips.

1. Make sure the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is connected to the smartphone
. The first step that must be taken is to turn on the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone. For Android smartphone users, first download the Galaxy Wearable application from PlayStore. After the application has finished installing, then open the protective case cover for the Galayx Buds2 Pro. If it is detected then click pairing.

For iPhone users it’s easier. Considering that the Galaxy Wearable application for iOS is not yet available, you only need to activate Bluetooth, open the protective case cover and pair.

2. Choose ear tips that match the ear holes
. Pay attention to the size of the ear tips. In the sales package, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes with three ear tips size options. Choose the size of the ear tips that fit the ear holes. With its tiny dimensions and the appropriate size of the ear tips, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro won’t easily slip out of your ear. So, it will be more comfortable to use and will not interfere with the video capture process.

To determine whether the size of the ear tips is correct or not in the Galaxy Wearable application, you can also use the Earbud Fit Test feature.

3. Pay attention to the surrounding environment.
The final step is that you must pay attention to the environment around you. It’s better to take pictures in conditions that are not too noisy. This is so that the Buds2 Pro microphone can capture sound more optimally.

After following the tips above, you can immediately create video content with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro microphone using the camera application on your smartphone. For other Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro tips, see the following article .


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