Windows 11 brings quite a lot of interesting features to support productivity. One of them is Virtual Desktop . Through this feature, it is possible for you to create multiple desktop displays according to your needs on one computer device. Interestingly, each virtual desktop can be used separately.

Applications used or application windows that are opened on one virtual desktop will also not affect other virtual desktops. You can also set the wallpaper, change the name or add emoji. So, when you press the Task View button, you can immediately see the differences in each virtual desktop.

Most common scenario you can separate desktop space for work and play. For example, in desktop space for work you can add various applications that are frequently used for work. Meanwhile, in the desktop area to play you can display all game applications.

Here’s an easy way to create a virtual desktop in Windows 11

1. Press the Task View button on the Taskbar. Or, you can press Windows + Tab hotkey on your keyboard.

2. Then, a preview of your current desktop condition will appear. At the bottom column you will find a (+) button to add a virtual desktop.

3. Press the (+) button then “Desktop 2” will be added to that column section.

4. Right-click on “Desktop 2” then you can choose a background to add wallpaper and the rename option to rename “Desktop 2” as desired.

5. To switch between each virtual desktop you can press the Task View button again. Or, with Windows hotkey + tab.


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