Google Drive is currently the most widely used cloud computing service for storing data or performing data backups. But, if the data you store on Google Drive is important, of course, you must use additional security features.

The good news is that Google has presented a security feature in the Google Drive mobile application. With this security feature called Privacy Screen, every time you want to open the Google Drive mobile application, the user is required to use a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition feature. Even so, this feature can only be enjoyed by Google Drive users on iPhone and iPad.

Here are the steps for installing a security feature on the Google Drive iPhone and iPad application.

1. Open the Google Drive app on iPhone and iPad
2. Tap the three stacked lines icon in the upper left corner of the screen

3. Select settings
4. Select Privacy Screen

5. Activate Privacy Screen

6. iPhone or iPad will immediately ask permission to access Face ID or Touch ID. Give permission to access by clicking Ok.
7. When finished, every time you open the Google Drive application, you will be asked to log in to use Face ID or Touch ID.

Note: For iPhones or iPads that do not yet support the Face ID security feature, the security system can only use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This security feature is also temporarily not available for Android devices. Good luck!


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