Good news for Gmail users on iPhone or iPad. The reason is, Google has just presented a Gmail update for iOS which allows Gmail to become the default email to replace the default iOS Mail application.

To make Gmail the default email on iPhone or iPad is also very easy. You just need to follow the steps as follows.

1. Make sure your iPhone or iPhone is running the latest iOS version of iOS 14. If not, please update the iOS version via the settings menu.

2. Open the App Store and update Gmail. This feature can only be used if your Gmail has been updated to version 6.0.200825.

3. After Gmail is updated, open the iPhone Settings menu, then scroll down and select Gmail.

4. In the Gmail settings window, select Default Mail App. Then, two options will appear, namely Mail and Gmail.

5. Select Gmail as the Default Mail App option.

After making these settings, Gmail will automatically become the default email application on your iPhone or iPad. Even so, considering that iOS 14 is still new, from some user reports there is a bug that causes this feature to automatically return Mail back to the default email application as before if you restart your iPhone. So, if you restart make sure to go back to doing the steps above while waiting for this bug to be resolved by Apple in the next iOS 14 update. Good luck!


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