Flagship smartphone camera features are not only limited to Night Mode. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series has a camera with the Astrophoto feature. Utilizing this feature, you can take stunning photos of the sky full of stars. It turns out that the method is also quite easy.

“Astrophoto has been equipped with AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing, so it can do star mapping to increase photo detail to the maximum to ensure that our captured photos are epic like using professional equipment.”

This Astrophoto mode is in the Expert RAW mode in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series camera application. Before you can run it, you have to download the Expert RAW feature by clicking on its icon in the camera menu.

Besides being able to choose the length of exposure, you can also get information on the location of the constellations and groups of stars with the best composition using the Sky Guide. So there is no need to guess what constellation we are aiming at. Everything has been made easier by a smartphone.

Tips on how to take photos of a sky full of stars

There are several things that need to be considered when using the Astrophoto feature.

1. Use a sturdy tripod when using this mode, considering that the minimum exposure is 4 minutes.

2. Avoid polluted city centers because the stars will not be seen clearly and are covered in light pollution from urban lights.

3. Go to the mountains or beaches with minimal buildings with bright light.

4. Check the weather forecast. If it’s cloudy, usually the photos will be less than optimal. So make sure the weather is clear.

5. Don’t just shoot the sky, but include interesting objects in the foreground to get a more captivating photo. For example, like the photo above which makes mountains and trees as the foreground .

6. Enjoy the process of experimenting with Astrophoto. In our experience, Astrophoto can also produce unique long exposure photos when the sky is not too dark. The following photos were taken just before sunrise using the Astrophoto mode.

It’s easy, right? Have fun creating.


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