Caller ID service application and spam call detector, Truecaller, comes with a new version for iOS users. Interestingly, the application is now claimed to be lighter, more efficient, and can run smoothly even on the iPhone 6S.

New features of Truecaller iOS

In a press release received by Yangcanggih, Tuesday (30/8), Truecaller explained that their iOS application was rebuilt from scratch, so that it becomes lighter because of its smaller size. Its main function remains the same which is to identify spam, scam and business calls.

Changes to the architecture allow this application to run in the background. Truecaller iOS also features a refreshed design to ensure a much more streamlined user experience when logging in to apps, and faster navigation.

Truecaller claims the caller ID feature and protection against spam and scams is now 10 times better than the previous version. The app also features an easier Premium purchase flow, as well as a redesigned search extension (Phone -> Recents -> Share Contact).

In the near future, Truecaller iOS will also improve SMS filtering, spam detection, and community-based services. Users will also enjoy the number search widget with a new design to make the process faster. There is also an auto-block feature for top spammers, the ability to view detailed statistics on numbers marked as spam, as well as a feature to view and comment on spam numbers.

Download on the App Store

Those are some of the changes and new features in the Truecaller app on iOS. For those who are interested, just download the application via the following link.


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