Ulanzi accessories manufacturer presents a unique accessory, namely the Ulanzi ST-09. This accessory is an iPhone tripod mount that can make the Apple Watch a viewfinder when shooting with the iPhone’s rear camera.

Ulanzi ST-09 design

Ulanzi ST-09 comes with a clasp model. The clamp system can be expanded from 58mm to 89mm, which means it is compatible with all iPhone sizes, including the iPhone 12. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch holder that it carries is similar to the case for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch holder is also equipped with a scratch-resistant silicone coating. So, the Apple Watch body will remain secure even if you remove it from the cradle.

For other features, the Ulanzi ST-09 is also equipped with a cold shoe mount for attaching accessories such as a microphone or LED light and a 1/4 inch hole for attaching to a tripod.

Ulanzi ST-09 features

To complete it, Ulanzi presents a special application for Apple Watch. This application can immediately make the Apple Watch a second screen. That way the Apple Watch can be a viewfinder when users take selfies or take videos independently using the iPhone’s rear camera. Ulanzi ST-09 can be a solution for content creators who use iPhones to work so they no longer need to use the iPhone’s front camera.

Ulanzi ST-09 Price

Ulanzi ST-09 is now available on the Ulanzi website. For the Ulanzti ST-09 price of US $29.99.


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