Herman Miller and Logitech G introduced their newest collaboration product called the Vantum Gaming Chair. This gaming chair is claimed to have an ergonomic design that allows gamers to focus more comfortably.

Features of Vantum Gaming Chair

The Vantum Gaming Chair is designed to support an active playing posture in a slightly forward position. Usually, a position like this is more ideal to support focus and faster reactions. These two factors are very important for gamers, but on the one hand make the lower back sore quickly.

According to Herman Miller, Vantum is designed to proactively place gamers in an active or upright position, by utilizing an adjustable seat cushion. In addition, PostureFit provides adjustable support for the lower back, further strengthening the pelvis to prevent gamers from slouching and fatigue.

Even more interesting, to help gamers get the right sitting position, Vantum can be tilted and gamers can easily remember their favorite settings. There is also an adjustable headrest and does not put direct pressure on the neck.

For those who don’t know, Herman Miller is a brand that is famous for its furniture products and has been around since 1905. Meanwhile, Logitech G is known to be one of the most popular gaming peripheral brands today.

Price and availability

The Vantum Gaming Chair is available in three color options, including Polar, Flare, and Obsidian. Interested consumers are required to prepare funds of US$995.


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