Popular with monitors and projectors, ViewSonic has now launched the ID1230 drawing tablet. This drawing tablet is for content creators, architects, graphic designers and digital artists.

ViewSonic ID1230 specifications

The ID1230 carries a 12-inch touch screen panel. The body design is also very light. Weighing only around 600 grams, the ID1230 manages to be the world’s lightest 12-inch drawing tablet. So, it will be very easy to travel with.

As an image tablet, the screen already supports 90% Adobe RGB and 85% NTSC color gamut coverage. Adequate and quite capable of presenting accurate colors. To work in the sales package also includes a stylus pen.

This default pen already supports pressure sensitivity up to 8192 levels. The pen can also be used up to a tilt angle of approximately 60 degrees. This means, users can feel a more natural and comfortable experience when writing, drawing or scribbling. Like using a real pen and paper.

Other features ViewSonic ID1230 is equipped with 8 hotkeys for shortcut keys. The hotkey can be adjusted according to user needs. For connectivity, it carries a Type-C port. This device is not equipped with a battery. So, power will be taken from the PC device when it is connected via the Type-C port.

ViewSonic ID1230 price

Even though it has been announced, there is no further information regarding prices and when the ViewSonic ID1230 will be available on the market.


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