Vivo announced the presence of its newest audio device called Vivo TWS 3 Pro. TWS is supported by Active Noise Cancellation technology which can reduce noise by up to 49dB, or higher than the previous generation which offered 40dB attenuation.

Vivo TWS 3 Pro features

What’s more interesting, the ANC feature on the TWS 3 Pro not only cuts noise down to 49dB, but is also able to detect a wider range of frequencies up to 4,000Hz or 4kHz. That way, this device is promised to have a better ability to detect human voices and medium frequency sounds.

When someone is talking to the user, the ANC TWS 3 Pro feature will automatically activate the passthrough mode so that the other person’s voice can be heard better.

vivo TWS 3 Pro also supports aptX Lossless and uses a 1.2Mbps bitrate. The speaker itself is claimed to be capable of producing sound with a range of 5Hz to 40kHz, and has a 3-layer nano-composite diaphragm. The driver size is 12.2mm.

Modern features such as 360 degree spatial audio are also available. Even cooler, there is the High Quality Binaural Audio Recording feature that Vivo promises is suitable for use when vlogging. This feature is supported by 3 microphones on each bud, and is also compatible as a noise reducer when making phone calls.

In terms of connectivity, Vivo TWS 3 Pro relies on Bluetooth 5.3 technology and LE Audio support. The latency is claimed to be low, only 55ms. This TWS has a battery that can keep it running for 6.8 hours, or up to 30 hours if the battery is added from the charging case (ANC is not active).

Price and availability

For those interested, the Vivo TWS 3 Pro retails for around US$140. Unfortunately, this device is only available in China.


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