Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 11 in the world. This latest operating system brings a fresh interface and attractive features.

One of the advantages of Windows 11 compared to previous generations is being able to run Android applications without the need to install an emulator first.

Of course this is one of the interesting features that makes some people curious to try Windows 11 on their respective computers. But of course the required device specifications must also increase.

So, to be able to install or upgrade to Windows 11, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements.

Windows 11 Minimum Specifications

  • Processor 64 bit Dual-Core 1 GHz or more
  • RAM 4GB or more
  • Free internal storage of at least 64 GB or more
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 Driver
  • Supports UEFI, Secure Boot, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) version 2.0
  • HD (720p) display of 9 inches or more and support for an 8-bits per color channel color system
  • Internet connection and Microsoft account

But if you want to know for sure whether your computer supports Windows 11 or not faster, then you can directly use PC Health Check which can be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

Checking Computer Specification Compatibility with Windows 11

  1. Download and install the PC Health Check application from the Microsoft site
  2. Once installed, then you can open the application
  3. On the main page of the application, all you have to do is press the Check now button
  4. If a green checklist appears with the words This PC can run Windows 11 , then your computer already supports Windows 11.
  5. However, if a red cross appears with the words This PC can’t run Windows 11, then the computer is declared incompatible

However, some computers that have met the minimum requirements are still showing the words This PC can’t run Windows 11. It seems that Windows 11, which is still in the Dev version, still needs further development so that it can be compatible with many computers that already meet these minimum requirements.

For those of you who don’t know, the new Windows 11 will be rolled out to the Windows Insider Dev Channel community before the official release on June 28, 2021 so that only those who are members of the program and community can enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the next stage will proceed to the Beta and Release Preview phases. Later in October 2021, then Microsoft will release the final and stable version of Windows 11 to the public.

In other words, you still have to wait a few more months so that you can enjoy Windows 11 which is really given to the public. But if you can’t wait to try Windows 11, then you can follow the Windows Insider Dev Channel community with the following steps:

How to Install Inside Build Windows 11

After successfully logging in, you can press the Register button on the main page of the Microsoft Windows Insider site

  • Later you will see the rules and privacy proposed for this program by Microsoft, if you agree then press the Register Now button
  • Next, you will be directed to configure the Settings menu in Windows 10
  • You can type the Settings menu on the Start Menu
  • On the Settings page , select the Update & Security menu
  • Then select the Windows Insider Program menu and configure it to join the Windows Insider Dev community
  • After becoming part of the community, you can select the Windows Update menu on the Update & Security page
  • Next, press the button Check for updates

When Windows 11 is ready, the update file will automatically appear and can be downloaded immediately

Windows 11 for the Windows Insider Dev Channel community will only be available on June 28, 2021. So you can return to the Windows Update menu on that date. But if it doesn’t appear on that date, then you can try it periodically until it appears on your computer.

It should be noted, Insider Build Windows 11 for the Windows Insider Dev community is really still in the early stages and development so you have to accept the risk of many bugs that will appear, system instability, and features that are still being developed.

But if you accept the consequences, then you can follow the method above to get Inside Build for Windows 11.


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