Voice Note is one of the interesting features that is present in the WhatsApp application because it allows users to send messages in the form of voice to other users on the platform.

For example, if you are lazy to type to send messages to other people, then you can record your voice with Voice Note so that other users can listen to it while doing other activities.

To be able to activate the Voice Note feature, you simply hold down the microphone icon next to the Type a message column on the conversation page with other WhatsApp users.

But what happens when the WhatsApp Voice Note that you send can’t be opened at all? Of course you will feel unhappy because you have to type chat messages even though you are tired of recording voices so you can send long messages in the form of Voice Notes.

Actually, there are many factors that make WhatsApp Voice Note suddenly unable to open. For that, you can see the reasons and how to overcome them in the following information.

WhatsApp Voice Note Solution Can’t Be Opened

Restart internet connection

Usually an unstable internet connection makes it one of the causes of the WhatsApp Voice Note not being able to open at all. Moreover, sometimes the signal from the SIM card that you have suddenly disappears or the network drops.

For that you can restart the internet connection so that the signal from the SIM card returns or goes up the network. But if you want to get stable internet, then you can connect your cellphone to the nearest Wi-Fi network whose internet connection is really good.

Restart the phone

Sometimes the WhatsApp application on a cellphone suddenly experiences an error that makes some of its features inaccessible, such as Voice Note. You can restart the cellphone by holding down the power button for a few moments until the Power Off button appears.

Usually restarting the phone can return the system to its initial state. This is sometimes effective in bringing the app back to its normal state so that its features can be accessed, including Voice Note.

Clear Data on WhatsApp

You can also try to clear the data and cache that has accumulated on WhatsApp which has been buried for a long time and sometimes causes system problems in the application. In this way, it is very likely that the problematic Voice Note can be opened smoothly again.

WhatsApp updates

When restarting the cellphone or internet connection does not work, there is a possibility that your WhatsApp must be updated or updated to fix bugs or errors in the WhatsApp system. It is possible that Voice Note cannot be opened due to a bug in the WhatsApp system.

You can also update WhatsApp via the Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. After the update process is complete, usually bugs on WhatsApp have been fixed by the developer.

Reinstall WhatsApp

If all the methods above cannot make Voice Note open, then you can delete and reinstall WhatsApp. Usually by doing this, the WhatsApp system will return to its original state without any modifications.

But it should be noted, you must back up or back up data first so that all chats and Voice Notes can be brought back to the WhatsApp application after reinstalling.


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