Alibaba Cloud displays its newest product in the form of a cloud computing-based laptop (cloud computer at the Apsara Conference. This laptop, named Wuying Cloudbook, provides unlimited computing performance in hybrid work.

Wuying Cloudbook, powered by Wuying Architecture. Described with a high level of security, scalability and compatibility are the hallmarks of cloud services and allow users to fully utilize the power of cloud computing.

“Wuying Architecture is a powerful extension and extension of the workplace. This helps enterprises to increase flexibility and improve operational efficiency,” said Jiangwei JIANG, Senior Researcher and General Manager of Infrastructure Products, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Wuying Cloudbook supports secure storage and transmission of large volumes of enterprise resources by centralizing and managing them in the cloud. It overcomes typical security challenges in enterprise environments, such as data loss and local device vulnerability, while allowing users to access enterprise resources anytime, anywhere.

Users can also increase or decrease computing and storage power to meet their needs and requirements, remove capacity constraints for running large-scale software, such as video rendering software, and enjoy real-time interactive experiences with low latency and high-quality images.

Wuying Cloudbook Relys on Cloud Computing

Utilizing cloud-based data security capabilities and tools, Wuying provides additional guarantees to keep company information secure,” he added.

As the software is also deployed and runs in the cloud, there is no need to download and install the software on local devices, minimizing the storage capacity requirements and battery consumption of local devices. Wuying Cloudbook is an ideal choice for remote work, outsourcing, and collaboration between teams in different locations.

The Wuying Cloudbook’s scalability, security and flexibility are supported by Alibaba Cloud’s Wuying Architecture, which was created to optimize workload collaboration between cloud and on-premises devices. Wuying Cloudbook also expands the boundaries of collaboration, allowing users to run multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, or Android at the same time.

The Wuying Cloudbook, which will be demonstrated in the exhibition area at Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Conference, features an ultra-thin body with a depth of only 13.9mm and a 14-inch touchscreen. With this new addition, Alibaba Cloud now offers cloud computing in the form of cards, boxes, all-in-one PCs, laptops, and Desktop-as-a Service (DaaS) applications.

In addition to featuring the Wuying Cloudbook, Alibaba Cloud’s annual Apsara Conference, which opened on November 3 in Hangzhou and runs through November 5, will also explain the business strategies of technology, product and partnership leaders.


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