In Europe Xiaomi launched the Instant Photo Printer 1S. This portable photo printer can be used to print photos from a smartphone or tablet with two different sizes.

Features of the Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S

To print the Instant Photo Printer 1S, it uses sublimation printing technology which does not require ink. Just like portable printers in general. The difference is that this printer supports two photo papers of different sizes, namely 6 inches 100 x 148 mm and 3 inches 86 x 102 mm.

The photo paper is equipped with an additional layer of film. This layer is useful for protecting photo prints from water splashes and finger prints. In addition, this layer can also ensure that the color of the printed results will not fade quickly. Glue is also added to the back of the photo paper so that it can be pasted anywhere.

This thermal printer ribbon module can be used to print a maximum of up to 20 photos. Instant Photo Printer 1S is capable of printing photos at a resolution of 300 DPI with 16.7 million colors. Users can print photos from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly via the Xiaomi Home application.

Price Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S

The Instant Photo Printer 1S is currently available in Germany and Spain. The price for a set of this printer includes 10 sheets of photo paper and a thermal ribbon module of around US $153.


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