Clean air in the home is important to support a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, to ensure that the air in the house is always clean using an air purifier or air purifier can be a solution. Complementing its IoT device ecosystem, Xiaomi recently launched an Air Purifier device called Mi Air Purifier 3C. Are you curious about the advantages of an air purifier at this economical selling price? Check out the reviews as follows.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C design

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C is the second air purifier from Xiaomi in Indonesia. Previously in April 2020, Xiaomi had launched the Mi Air Purifier 2H first.

In design, the two devices appear very similar. The features and functions are the same. Mi Air Purifier 3C looks minimalist with a white body. This design is very easy to match with all interior styles at home. The difference with Mi Air Purifier 2H, Mi Air Purifier 3C is now equipped with a round LCD screen on the face.

This LCD screen functions to display the current mode and indoor air quality indicator. So, you no longer need to bother looking at the application on a smartphone. This screen can also be dimmed or turned off. So, it won’t disturb you when used in a dark bedroom.

Turning to the top of the body, you can find a fan and two buttons. The button on the left is for turning the screen off or dimming, and the button on the second is for selecting the mode.

Overall the Mi Air Purifier 3C design is very functional. Its compact dimensions are easy to place anywhere from the living room to the bedroom. Changing the filter is also easy. You only need to remove the upper body module by pressing the button on the left and right side of the body to access the HEPA filter it carries.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C features

As an air purifier Mi Air Purifier 3C relies on a HEPA filter like most Air Purifiers in general. The cylindrical HEPA filter it carries is able to remove 99.99 percent of particles up to 0.1 micron in size floating in the air such as dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and odors.

From our searches on several e-commerce sites, the price for the HEPA filter is around $ 40. The price of this filter is relatively expensive. But, you don’t need to worry because this filter must be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

To clean the air, Mi Air Purifier 3C carries the Clean Air Delivery Rate feature which can supply 320 cubic meters of clean air per hour without making any noise.

To detect the level of clean air in the room Mi Air Purifier 3C relies on a series of laser sensors embedded behind its body. This laser sensor can detect the cleanliness of the air quickly.

The level of air cleanliness can be displayed in the application on a smartphone or directly on the screen. The indicator is a colored line and a number to show the level of pollutants or PM 2.5 air particles in the room. There are three color lines that indicate the level of cleanliness of the room. Green is very clean, orange is light / moderate pollution, and red is for poor air quality.

Mi Air Purifier 3C is also equipped with a WiFi connection. Settings and control can also be easier through the Xiaomi Home application on a smartphone. Thanks to a WiFi connection, even the Mi Air Purifier 3C can connect to the Google Home smart device ecosystem. When we connect it to Google Home, Mi Air Purifier 3C can be directly controlled by the Google Assistant virtual assistant via voice commands. Apart from the Google Assistant, Mi Air Purifier 3C is also compatible with the Alexa virtual assistant.

The Mi Air Purifer 3C operating mode relies on three modes, namely Auto, Sleep and Manual. In Manual mode, you can adjust the fan speed according to your needs via the application on a smartphone. In the application you can also get information when the filter needs to be changed.

The performance of the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C

To try out the Mi Air Purifier 3C, we installed it in an apartment room measuring 42 m2. From our tests, Mi Air Purifier 3C can remove smoke odor from the kitchen and return clean air in the room in about 25 minutes with the optimal fan speed in manual mode.

In real time we can also see that the sensor is able to detect air quality from the room from the red indicator with the PM 2.5 100 number dropping gradually and consistently to 001. This indicates that the sensor is able to detect air quality quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Even so, in this optimal fan speed mode, the fan sound is relatively noisy. The fan can also produce cool air like a fan in general.

For a lower fan speed, you can choose Auto or Sleep mode. In fact, in sleep mode the fan is barely audible at all. For everyday use we prefer the Auto mode which is less noisy but can still supply fresh and clean air in the room. The power required is also relatively low. Only about a maximum of 0.7 kWh for 24 hours.


As an air purifier, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C has proven to be reliable for cleaning the air at home. Its functional design, easy-to-use, low power consumption and quiet performance also make it ideal for everyday use.

Like other Xiaomi products, the cheap selling price is the main attraction of the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C. With a selling price of around 1,699 million Rupiah, Mi Air Purifier 3C, brings several features that can be found in Air Purifier at a higher selling price. This includes the ability to detect air quality in real time, which is common in premium class air purifiers. If you are aiming for an air purifier under 2 million Rupiah, Mi Air Purifier is a must to enter your shopping list.

The advantages of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C
+ Relatively cheap price
+ Easy to use
+ Compact design
+ Features quite complete in its price class
+ Can detect air quality in real time
+ Supports the Google Home ecosystem
+ Equipped with an LCD screen

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C
– The price of the HEPA filter is relatively expensive
– The fan performance at the maximum setting is relatively noisy


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