Xiaomi launches Smart Lightstrip Pro. This 60 meter long LED strip light can be used as a mood light indoors.

Features of Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro

This device can emit different shades at intervals of every 10 cm. With a flexible design, users can also install it anywhere. Smart Lightstrip Pro brings 16 million color RGB lighting lamps. The color output can be adjusted via the Xiaomi Home application on the cellphone.

To make it easier for users, there are eight preset options and four dynamic effect options that can be used immediately. Users are also possible to make color output settings, sensitivity settings and effects according to taste up to 100 combinations. So, it can be an atmosphere lamp in bedrooms, playrooms to entertainment rooms.

In the sales package, Smart LightStrip Pro includes a control module equipped with an integrated microphone. That way the user is possible to adjust the effects and color output according to the tempo of the music being played.

One interesting feature of this LED light is its compatibility with the Razer Chroma RGB and ASUS Aura Sync ecosystems. So, gamers can synchronize effects and color output with gaming devices from Razer and ASUS when playing games.

Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro price

The Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro is available on the German market at a price of €99.


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