Robot vacuum is now more sophisticated. This has been proven by Xiaomi through its newest vacuum robot, the Smartmi Pionner A1.

Design Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1

The Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 also looks different. The body design is octagonal. On the front can be seen cleaning brush. Not hidden under the body like a robot vacuum in general. This is done because the design of the cleaning brush is longer, which is about 23.8 cm.

According to Xiaomi, the cleaning brush is capable of rotating at speeds up to 1600 rpm for cleaning. As a robot vacuum, the suction power is also strong, which is around 4000 Pa. It is perfectly adequate for vacuuming up dust and all kinds of dry or wet dirt.

For thorough cleaning, the Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 is equipped with two water tanks. The first tank for spraying clean water. Meanwhile, the second tank is to suck back dirty water from the rest of the cleaning. This robot vacuum is also equipped with a self-cleaning feature. So, no need to go back to the dock to do the cleaning.

Like other vacuum robots, the Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 relies on laser technology. The laser module can be seen at the top of the body. Thanks to this laser model, the Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 can map the room and determine the cleaning path. This device can also recognize objects in the vicinity so as not to be hit with objects around when cleaning. For energy intake, the Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 is powered by a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh.

Price Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1

The Xiaomi Smartmi Pioneer A1 is sold at a price of around US $789.


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