Audio devices from Xiaomi increase. The newest product is a smart premium portable speaker called Sound Pro.

Features of Xiaomi Sound Pro

To produce sound, the Sound Pro carries seven speaker system units. Among them are three full range speaker units, three passive radiator units and one subwoofer unit for powerful bass thumping.

Adopting a cylindrical design, the Sound Pro can output 55W sound in a 360-degree omnidirectional manner. That way wherever these speakers are placed the sound produced will be heard evenly in the room. The sound output is also configured by audio specialists from Xiaomi with a clear, balanced and comfortable sound character.

In addition, to boost the sound output, this speaker is also supported by the Harman AudioEFX feature, Sound Pro 2.0 technology for automatic audio settings, and the Nightingale algorithm to allow users to choose various sound effects according to taste.

As a complement, this speaker is also equipped with a smart LED lighting system. The LED lighting system can immediately follow the rhythm of the music in real time. Supported by artificial intelligence and motion detection sensors, the color output of the lighting system can even change according to the user’s movements in the room.

For connectivity, Sound Pro can connect via a Bluetooth 5.1 connection and supports SBC and AAC audio codecs. The NFC feature is also available to speed up the pairing process. In addition, there is support for the AirPlay 2 feature to connect to Apple devices.

Price and availability

Sound Pro is currently available in the Chinese market first. The price of the Xiaomi Sound Pro is US $144.


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