Light is very important to support shooting with the camera. That’s why Zhiyun launched the FiveRay FR100C LED Light Stick .

Features of Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C

The Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C LED is a light stick with a series of LED lights. This device is claimed to be able to produce light up to 21195 Lux at a distance of 0.3 meters. Enough to illuminate the subject even in very dark conditions. According to Zhiyun, this brightness level is five times brighter than other LED light sticks on the market.

For color temperature, the Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C can produce light in all temperature ranges from 2700K to 6300K. Color accuracy is also considered. The color accuracy is in accordance with the CR1 standard with a value of 96+ and the TLCI index at 97.

The light output or brightness level can be adjusted. There are 100 levels of setting options that can be selected according to your needs. In addition, users can also adjust the RGB hue and color saturation using the full-color HIS mode.

Another advantage of the Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C is its extremely compact and lightweight design. It weighs only about 920 grams. So, it can be easier to operate with one hand.

For battery life, Zhiyun equips it with a battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. For continuous use at the maximum brightness level, the battery can last up to about 31 minutes. Battery life is very dependent on the brightness level settings used. The lower brightness level allows the battery to last longer. The battery also supports 120W fast charging via USB-C. Charging the battery fully takes about two and a half hours.

Another feature, the Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C is equipped with a cooling system with fans and radiators to prevent overheating. At the bottom there is a 1/4 inch hole for attaching to a holder, tripod or light stand. Zhiyun has also equipped it with an integrated diffuser.

Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C Price

The Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C is currently available in black and white. The price of the Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C is US$249.


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